Planting Tomato and Muncher Cucumber Seeds

| March 27, 2012

This past Saturday we planted all of our tomato seeds for the season, along with all of our muncher cucumber seeds. We are planting a variety of tomatoes, some in pots, but most in the garden. Our potted tomatoes consist of Roma and Sweet Baby tomatoes. Both of these should do pretty well in pots. […]

Planting Peppers, Cool Season Crops, and Some Updates

| March 19, 2012

This weekend was a very enjoyable, productive weekend. We spent the better part of 1pm until about 5pm on Saturday and Sunday outside working on planting lettuce, radishes and flowers. I figured that these plants would be fine to plant this early, since they are cool season crops and will hopefully flourish. We planted well […]

Eggplant Sprouts

| March 13, 2012

Just two days after I replanted my eggplant, thinking they were not going to come up, they both came up! Isn’t that the way it goes? Now I will probably have about half a dozen eggplant plants to plant. I’ll have to have some in pots! Also, my wife’s flowers are beginning to come up […]

Planting Milano Onions and Falltime Leeks

| March 11, 2012

Today was round two for our indoor planting sessions. Last week, we planted eggplant seeds and I am sorry to say they have not sprouted as of yet. I have two ideas that may explain why they have not started growing. One – they are last year’s seed and so may be losing their vitality. […]