Hokkaido Blue Squash – A Tasty Sapphire

| September 3, 2012

The Amazing Hokkaido Blue Squash Of all the plants that we grew this year, I think my favorite has been the Hokkaido Blue Squash. In fact, growing this delicious squash has solidified in my mind, my favorite type of vegetable to grow – winter squash (of any variety). There is something magical about a winter […]

Preserving Sugar Pumpkin

| August 28, 2012

This year we planted 4 sugar pumpkin plants and got several pumpkins on each vine, despite the problems we had with the heat and bugs. It’s always exciting when you see a female flower form, and then start to produce a pumpkin! Its even more exciting when you pollinate the flower yourself, since the flower […]

Homemade Wild Plum Preserves

| August 20, 2012

This past weekend, my wife and I were hauling some wood to the back of our property when we made a remarkable discovery. The back of our land has a stand of trees on it, along with a bunch of junk that we need to get rid of. We were unloading our wood, when my […]