Fuchsia Cuttings

| March 4, 2016

Over Christmas Holiday we took some cuttings from my mother in law’s fuchsia plant. It is a cute little light pink variety and was looking a little scrawny from what appeared to be neglect. We cut it back to a more compact shape and decided to keep 3 of the cuttings to see if we […]

New Seed Starting Apparatus

| February 26, 2016

At our last garden club meeting one of the members brought some valentines treats in for everyone. They were store bought cupcakes and were very good! We decided to take the container that they came in and had the idea of using it for a propagating/seed starting house. We took some rosemary cuttings*, some pineapple […]

Planting Peppers, Cool Season Crops, and Some Updates

| March 19, 2012

This weekend was a very enjoyable, productive weekend. We spent the better part of 1pm until about 5pm on Saturday and Sunday outside working on planting lettuce, radishes and flowers. I figured that these plants would be fine to plant this early, since they are cool season crops and will hopefully flourish. We planted well […]

Re-growing Spring Onions

| March 7, 2012

Last week we bought some pretty decently flavored spring onions from the grocery store. Spring onions are delicious, and don’t form bulbs on the bottom (from what I know, maybe I’m wrong). Instead they grow long shoots of green that taste similar to bulb onions. Rather than using what we had and then buying more, […]