Starting Our First Seeds of 2016

Posted By on February 27, 2016

We have started our first seeds for the year. Tonight we set up our grow stands in the kitchen and planted our celery, onions and shallots. Starting next week we’ll be doing a lot more.

Zebrune Shallots

Onions – Yellow of Parma, Long Red Florence, Yellow Borettana, Red Weathersfield, Giallo di Milano, Rosa di Milano, Walla Walla

Celery – Pink Plume, Utah Tall

Initially we started fiddling about putting exact amounts of seed in little holes and covering them up. This took forever so we finished up my simply broadcasting the seed in each pot, one variety to a pot and covering them over. When they start growing I will pot them on into bigger pots and will keep only what we need as we planted much more in case we don’t have good germination.


Grow Stands

Grow Stands

We also have two of our amaryllis blooming right now. The red lion has been blooming for about a week and the double pink one just opened up today. Each one has two blooms stalks and so they’ll be blooming late into March. They are stunning!

Amaryllis Red Lion and Double Pink

Amaryllis Red Lion and Double Pink

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