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Posted By on February 1, 2015

Cucumber, Tomato and Eggplant Transplants
During the last few months we’ve had many questions on how to start ‘such and such’ vegetable or fruit from seed. To us, starting all sorts of varieties of fruit, veg., and flowers from seed seems second nature. However, we’ve soon realized that this is not the case for many people. The nurseries and big box stores have everything you need to create an ‘instant garden.’ All you have to do is pick out the variety you like from their small selection, pop it in the ground, and give the plant the care it needs to flourish.

But if the suppliers to those nurseries and big box stores can do it, why can’t you?!

Starting your own vegetables from seed gives you the opportunity to experience wonderful heritage food varieties that are too numerous to count and grow it organically. Your friends and neighbors will be in awe of those different looking (and tasting!) varieties as well as be impressed with your skills as a seed starting guru!

In the next few weeks we will be posting great educational tutorials on how to start your own seed. You’ll learn what supplies you’ll need, when to start, how to start, potting on (transplanting), hardening off techniques, and feeds to help your young plants grow strong throughout the year!

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