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Posted By on July 12, 2013

This past week I received a thank you card from my cousins in Michigan. On the front of the card was a lovely, delicate display of pressed pansies and fern. It was made by my Great Aunt Ruth who died this past winter, and the mother/mother-in-law of my cousins sending the card. Even with the sadness attached to the letter, the card delighted me as it is a lovely memento of her life.


The card also gave me the inspiration to press my own pansies. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while. I’ve even done a small batch as a trial before today. This morning I grabbed my scissors and went to collect the best looking blooms I could find for drying.

Here’s How I Dry Pansies

Plain Printing Paper
Pansy Flowers

1. Snip pansy stem as close to the flower head as possible. You may keep the stem if you want plan to create a picture as if it were growing once flowers are dried. I do not do this.


2. Open your book to about the middle. I used a large book so that I could have more flowers on a page.

3. Place a sheet of paper down on one side of the book.

4. Set pansies face down on sheet of paper. I do face down because it’s easier to get the petals to lie flat while drying.


5. Place another sheet of paper on top of pansies.

6. Carefully close the book, making sure to only move the half of the book that does NOT have the flowers on.

7. Press book together firmly and set book under something heavy, i.e. a stack of books.

8. Let dry for at least two weeks.

These are the results from my trial pressing.


The one thing I learned from the first time I pressed is that you NEED to use a sheet of smooth paper. Otherwise the dried flower will pick up the pattern of whatever it is your drying them on. For example, I used a paper towel the first time I dried pansies and it turned out like this:


I suppose if you were going for that look or had a certain pattern concept to begin with it would be great! I wasn’t looking for this, so I learned something. I hope you did too and try your hand at drying pansies yourself! It’s a fun and rewarding project.


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