Mortgage Payoff Update – 25% Paid Off!

Posted By on July 18, 2012

Its amazing how time flies isn’t it? It seems like just yesterday we had only 20% of our mortgage paid off. Well it was about 4 months, but it hasn’t been long. Earlier this month we crossed the 25% barrier. Yay!

To give a small overview of what we are working toward – we are paying $1,000 a month toward the balance, plus tax refunds and bonuses. I am also going to start putting extra budget money that we don’t spend toward the balance which could be a bit more than $100 a week. Our goal is to have the entire balance paid off by January 1, 2015, which is about 2.5 years away. If we can do that, I will have accomplished my goal of being debt free with a paid for house/land by the time I turn 30 (I will actually be 28 at that point).

If you hadn’t noticed, you can track our progress in the side bar on the right. We have a progress bar and a countdown highlighting how far we are.

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2 Responses to “Mortgage Payoff Update – 25% Paid Off!”

  1. Lynn says:

    What a great accomplishment. Keep focusing on your goal!

  2. Vickie says:

    I agree with the previous comment..It is a great accomplishment!

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