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Posted By on June 5, 2013

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA When going to the grocery store the two of us would often get quite frustrated with having to use the plastic bags to put produce in. They’re thin, cling to everything, and of course just get thrown in the trash when done being used. We one day decided enough was enough and we wanted a reusable bag for the market. It cuts down on our waste and is something not everyone does, so hopefully we can influence someone!

So, we got to thinking. The reusable bags we have right now are a bit big for a small selection of apples or whatever it is we’d get. We needed something smaller and that was netted for air circulation while the fruit sat on our counter. We found a few online that we liked, but of course Annissa insisted, “I can do that!”

Her result was a beautifully crocheted diamond mesh bag for us to use. On our first use of it, no one commented, though. Quite sad were we. The next time and after we have had people comment on how cool our produce bag was, that it was neat, and beautiful!

In effort to share this product with others MissNissCraftworks, Annissa’s business, is selling the bags in her shop. Lucky for you, they’re priced to sell! We want everyone to be able to use reusable produce bags and not have to be gouged into buying an overpriced one. The come in two colors right now, but you are more than welcome to request a special color.

The most fabulous thing about these bags is that they’re in stock just in time for the Farmers’ Markets and soon to be garden produce collection!

Find the bags HERE.



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