How to Make Seed Tags

Posted By on March 10, 2013

It is getting to be that time of year when we start planting our first seeds. We spent the day planting out over a dozen varieties of flowers and in the process we discovered we had no way of labeling which plots of seeds we had planted. So we got a little clever.

If you need to make seed tags, these work very well and can be made with a couple of common household items – toothpicks and masking tape.

Each tag will have one toothpick. Then take a 2-3 inch piece of masking tape and wrap it around the toothpick in the shape of a flag. That’s it!

A Homemade Seed Tag

A Homemade Seed Tag

Then you can write on the masking tape and stick it in your seed plot.

Seed Tags

Seed Tags

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  1. Annissa says:

    I really like this idea that you came up with! Last year’s plastic and marker was an utter failure 🙁 These I think we’ll have good luck with; and they’re cheap and very simple to make!

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