Hello 2015!

Posted By on January 7, 2015

New Year, New Goals. At least that’s what we think and hope will happen.

We plan to implement new garden schemes and plantings. In the veg. garden this means using bean poles in tripods to grow our beans and peas. New tomato cages will be built, since last year they clearly overgrew the size of the cages we have now. Who knows we may try another method, too! We’ll also be trying out a new covering Jonathan made for seed saving. Nature will be used more to our advantage this year as well. Nettle and comfrey feeds will be used to fertilize all areas of our gardens. Which is especially exciting since we’ll be hitting two birds with one stone: weeding.

In truth, much of what we’ve done in the past will most likely be repeated. We’ll be overjoyed with our first seedling, we’ll cheer at the bluebird’s song of arrival, and we’ll want to plant anything and everything even if we don’t have the time or room. There will be times where our plans go awry and times where nature surprises us.

For now, the two of us are hunkered down as the snow blows and the winds howl, reading through seed catalogs and making our lists.


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