Goodbye 2014

Posted By on January 5, 2015

Hello All!

After a 6 month hiatus from blogging we’re back. 2014 was a busy year for us and we just didn’t take to the time to put blogging at the top of our queue. Sorry about that folks. So, here’s a little list of what DID happen at Sheltering Woods last year.

1. Increased Space
-From the beginning we increased our edible garden space by about two thirds of the original layout. This meant we had more room for all sorts of veg. New varieties that we grew included Utah Tall Celery, Red Sicilian Tomato, Amish Paste Tomato, Gypsy Tomato, Scarlet Red Runner Bean, Turnips, Salsify, Spanish Black Radish, Jalepeno Pepper, Chilhuacle Rojo Sweet Pepper, Fatalli Yellow Hot Pepper, Tequila Sunrise Sweet Pepper, Trinidad Congo Hot Pepper, Bulgarian Carrot Hot Pepper, and a plethora of onion varieties.

2. Created Structure
-A long term goal we have is to have most of our edible garden completely enclosed. This means building or growing barriers around that area. In 2014 we finally started planning and implementing those ideas. Along the North side of our gardens we planted a lilac hedge that transitions into a native tree and barberry hedge closer to our wilder zone and orchard. Along the West side of the gardens that face our house we built a fence out of reclaimed wood from one of our decks. The idea is to give the front of a garden a cottage-esque look. In the future we’ll add an arbor at each of the openings planted with climbing roses and clematis.

3. Fixed up the Coop
-At the end of 2013 we mentioned that we moved our chicken coop. What a task that was! Well, in 2014 we took the time to do a little fixing like re-shingling, supporting the foundation, and fixing some broken boards. We also built the chicken run. Now we’re almost ready for our chicks that will arrive in April.

4. Expanded the Perennial Fruit Garden and Orchard
-One goal we have at Sheltering Woods is to implement permaculture in our gardening scheme. For us, this meant adding edibles around our property and not just the designated area. Closer to the house we planted two Pawpaw trees that are definitely tropical in look, but are actually natives to our area! We also planted some beautiful ever-bearing strawberries with PINK flowers near the shed, two honeyberries along the inside of our new fence, and a hardy kiwi along the fence line as well. In the orchard we added sever new sweet cherry trees, a couple pear, a couple peach, a new plum, and a couple pecan trees.

5. Saved New Seed
-Finally, we were able to save several new varieties of veggies and flowers that will be available in our shop in 2015. We had quite a few learning experiences from the process, too. It seems that there is always something new to learn whether it’s from your triumphs or your trials.

I’m sure there are many more activities we did, but the above are just our highlights. As for 2015 we’re already planning our edible garden and developing new ideas for our perennial beds. Stay tuned for all the happenings in the New Year!

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