Garden Expansion – East Side

Posted By on May 1, 2014

Garden Expansion - East

Garden Expansion – East

Last night I worked outside after work for about 3 hours until dinner time expanding our main garden on the east side. Despite it being cold, wet and miserable the past week or so, once I got working I warmed right up! We’re planning to plant our sweet peas there (probably tonight) along the fence, and so need to get this done. Its a bit late for peas, but it’ll be fine, we’ll just eat later.

We are also planning to plant our onions in this area in front of the peas. We have planted nearly 2 dozen varieties of onions this year, most of which are being grown for seed in our Etsy shop.

Onion Transplants

Onion Transplants

Expanding the garden didn’t prove too difficult. I used our tiller to maul the grass, and then took about an hour to remove most of the grass by hand. This method proved to be less physically demanding than prying up slabs of sod with a pitch fork! It ends up being a little more messy, but I prefer not to break my back.

After that, I unhooked the fence at one end and wrapped it around the newly installed posts (installed with a post driver, highly recommended rather than doing by hand!) and used metal ties made from the fence wire to secure the fence to the post.

I’ll update tomorrow on the finished expansion (if it doesn’t rain tonight), with pics detailing everything.

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