Flower Seeds & Some Mold/Gnat Control

Posted By on February 29, 2016

Yesterday morning we started a whole bunch of flower seed. The past few years I haven’t been as into the flowers as I am the veggies but this year is completely different. I have fallen in love with growing flowers. 🙂 In fact, whenever I see a flat of little green flower seedling being carried around on any garden program I am watching it sends waves of happiness coursing through me and I instantly want to start planting.

For our first round we planted 11 pots each with a different variety of flower seeds. Each was over-seeded and the seedling will be plucked out and potted on when they get bigger.

  • Pansy – Historic Mix
  • Pansy – Swiss Giant Mix
  • Pansy – Trimadeau Mix
  • Drumstick Flowers
  • Celosia – Burgundy Supercrest
  • Red Fountain Grass
  • Globe Amaranth
  • Snapdragon – Ruffled Supreme Mix
  • Strawflower – Tall Double Mix
  • Salvia – Blue Bedder


Flower Seeds


We also took a little time to sprinkle cinnamon on the flower pots and also the pots from yesterday. We have never tried it but cinnamon is supposed to be pretty good at suppressing mold and algae growth and helping to stop damping off. One other thing we are doing to control mold but also to take control of the problem we always have with fungus gnats is to freeze and then boil our seed starting mix. We put each of our seed mix bags in the freezer for a few days and then we boiled some water and used that to moisten the soil. A second thing I am doing is to spray our seed trays with neem oil diluted in water with a little dish soap. Neem oil is a proven insecticide that is safe to use. The neem helps to interrupt the fungus gnat’s breeding cycle. Coupled with controlling the mold (which is what they feed on, thus they are called fungus gnats) we hope to have minimal problems. I am spraying on a 10 day cycle and have the dates written on my calendar.

Cinnamon to help with fungus.

Cinnamon to help with fungus.


We’ll update in a week or two with our results.

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