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Posted By on March 16, 2012

As I said earlier in the week, I have been spending this week cleaning up the garden and getting it ready for planting. About the only thing I have accomplished thus far is getting the grass out of the back. I wanted to share some images I took earlier in the week that shows the mess we have to clean up!

We mulched the entire garden over with leaves last year, after tilling in a first batch of leaves. This allowed the soil to stay warmer during the winter, and is letting it warm up sooner now that it’s spring. It’s so warm out though, that it didn’t really matter in the long run.

We have also been throwing our organic waste in the garden, and I am chopping it up and mixing it into the soil. We haven’t built any compost bins yet, so this is the best we can do at this point. Most of what we threw in during the winter has decomposed at this point, however, with most of what you can see being fresh from the past month or so.

I am going to use the existing leaf mulch to mulch our paths between each bed, along with putting some cardboard down to keep weeds out. Of course, I will be uploading pictures when that happens.

You can see I have quite a bit of work to do! This was earlier in the week, and so it looks somewhat better than this now. Mainly around the edges, however. That’s where the grass had been creeping in and where I’ll be putting black plastic down.

Garden Mess 1

Garden Mess 1

Here’s a view of most of our garden. In the center will be the vines and potatoes. Around all the edges will be everything else, in block beds.

Garden Mess 2

Garden Mess 2

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