Chicken Coop Move

Posted By on November 20, 2013

One of our big projects this past summer was to move the chicken coop.  Yes!  We have a chicken coop that was already here when we moved in.  It’s large, red, and has some beautiful windows to face south.  I am in absolute love with it, but it does need a face-lift.  That’s another story.


Anyway, where the coop was originally placed had a few things that we felt held it back.  One being that a large walnut tree grew up behind it thus ruining the roof with the tree’s falling walnuts.  It sat a little too close for our comfort to the neighbor’s property line, albeit the coop now sits the same distance away from our neighbor on the other side.  The first neighbor, however, has a few garages and other things concerning his construction business lining the property where the coop was.  We felt it took away from the aesthetics of the coop.  The chicken coop also shaded and covered viable growing space.  Finally, we just couldn’t enjoy the cute windows and quaint look of it all in its original spot.

After a lot of begging and pestering done by me (Annissa), I finally got Jonathan to agree to move the coop.  We asked our neighbor for help and my father helped as well.  The whole process involved jacks, telephone poles, a tractor, and a lot of patience.  The first thing that was discovered before the coop was really even moved is that a nest of ants, possibly carpenter, had just begun to move in.  As a result, a small portion of the foundation board broke off.  Eh, not so fun!  Nevertheless, the guys found a way to fix it.

The coop ready to be slid back into place.

The coop ready to be slid back into place.

From there on the men used a rolling system with the telephone poles and the tractor to push the coop over to the foundation that Jonathan and I built a few weeks prior.  We built it using a couple cinder blocks off the ground in order to better facilitate pest control.  To get the coop up that high, the coop was jacked up and rolled onto the foundation using metal pipes.  The coop was jacked again, the pipes removed, and the coop set into place!

My Dad working on getting the coop into place!

My Dad working on getting the coop into place!

Unfortunately, when we built the foundation we didn’t get it quite square to how the coop was squared.  Yes, we took the measurements from the coop several times.  We even measured out our foundation several times.  Where we went wrong is beyond me, but my dad says we didn’t measure the diagonal in order to get it totally square.  Either way, we learned our lesson and the coop still sits just fine on the existing foundation.  It’s just not completely centered on.  Maybe we’ll just have to hide the mistake with some planters!

Now the coop sits and waits to be refurbished. We’ll need to re-shingle, give it some new paint, fix windows, and clean up the inside. After that, chickens!

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  1. grandma mary says:

    Neat story. I will have to come up and visit when you get it restored. (Also will be listening for the rooster’s crow in the mornings.)

    • Jonathan says:

      It will be a while until we get it done I think. No roosters for us, we’re looking into only laying hens that will be fine without males.

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