Cedar Bird Feeder – DIY Project

| February 8, 2014

You might be able to tell from this post and our last that we really enjoy feeding birds! They are an essential part of a thriving backyard ecosystem, feasting on many insects that would otherwise experience population blooms of a large magnitude. On top of that, they are very fun to watch. I could (and […]

Orange Peel Bird Feeder

| January 2, 2014

Winter Bird Feeding Winter time is the most important time of the year for a bird feeder to be full of seed. The reason for this is that birds don’t have nearly the selection of wild foods during this time as compared to the other seasons! At Sheltering Woods, feeding the birds is a very […]

Baby Cardinal

| June 19, 2013

Do you see him? Perched on the crinum leaves? Isn’t he just precious? Last week we found this cute little bugger fluttering along the north side of our property. At first, we didn’t know what he was, but soon we saw mom and dad near by chattering at us to not get too close. We […]

Beautiful Hummingbirds

| September 5, 2012

I thought I would share something that I have been enjoying all summer…all the hummingbirds we have attracted to our home. We put up three different feeders, two by the house, and one behind our shed by the garden. All three are regularly emptied. This one hangs 6 inches from our kitchen window, so we […]