Beginning to End

Posted By on November 14, 2013

I would say that our 2013 season here at Sheltering Woods is slowly closing to an end. The warm temps that periodically show themselves start to fool us and the plants, but being mid-November I think everyone should be getting themselves ready for a big rest.

Today I’ve (Annissa here) been looking through photos from spring to fall. It’s a bit amazing how life changes itself, but continues to hold endless beauty. This spring our apple trees displayed quite a show with their pink tinged white blossoms.


They weren’t quite as showy as the year before due to loss of a few major branches, but held their own.

This fall, as I roamed the yard for a few last looks before the cold set in, I looked up in those apple trees. There juxtaposed against a blue sky were tens of ripe red apples hanging from the tree’s limbs. I saw true beauty. The end of a cycle with just as much color and wonder as those apple blossoms of spring.


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