Apple Blossom Jelly

Posted By on April 27, 2015

DSCN2165Of all the things the mighty apple tree brings us, the blossom I feel is the most rewarding. It delicately reminds us of the bountiful crop in Autumn with its lovely pink blush and sweet scented petals. I am in absolute bliss in the Spring under my apple trees. Really, what can beat a sunny day in a hammock under the apple blooms? I didn’t think there would be a better treat until I made some jelly out of those wonderful blossoms.

There is a wide variety of edible flowers in our gardens and the wild, but they are often understated. I hadn’t heard of eating flowers until a couple years ago and I grew up gardening. Maybe it’s a sign of the times where we as a people are beginning to appreciate all that nature has to offer. Or, maybe I just picked up the right book! Nevertheless, Apple blossoms ARE edible and make a delectable honey colored jelly.

2 cups Apple Blossoms
2 cups Boiling Water
4 cups Sugar
1/4 cup Lemon Juice
3 oz Liquid Pectin (homemade or store bought)

1. Place blossoms in a quart size mason jar, or large container, and then pour boiling water over apple blossoms. Let steep overnight.

2. Filter apple blossom water with a sieve lined with either a coffee filter, muslin, or cheesecloth. There should be two cups of the blossom water. If you are a little short and some water.

3. Transfer apple blossom water into a medium sauce pan with sugar and lemon juice. Heat mixture to a roaring/rolling boil, stirring to keep mixture from burning.

4. Once you reach the boil stir in liquid pectin. Bring jelly back to a boil and let boil 1 additional minute.

5. Remove from heat, skim off any foam, and store in jelly jars. Process as you normally would.


The very LAST step is to slather some of this jelly onto some homemade bread and enjoy. Treat any guests with this seemingly exotic, albeit ordinary preserve. It will blow their mind that you made this delicious jelly out of the humble apple blossom.


**Note: You can also use Crab Apple Blooms**

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